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What is Biblical Perspectives

Biblical Perspectives is a 30-minute commentary that examines contemporary and, often, complex social issues under the lens of the Bible, distilling from them biblical insights and truths, that, hopefully, will help shape our nation’s spiritual values. Hosted by Bible scholar, Nene Rubrico, the program may be viewed or heard on TV or radio, in both English and Cebuano formats. Our work is purely voluntary and is dedicated to the notion that a “nation and a people must have a spiritual vision of itself, otherwise it shall perish,” to paraphrase Proverbs 29:18a.

Why a Biblical Perspectives Program?

Most, if not, all, religious commentaries shown on local and cable TVs in Cagayan de Oro City are exegetical in nature; that is, they take a passage or verse from the Bible and then interpret these in the light of secular events, drawing lessons and application for the spiritual uplifting and guidance of their viewers. There is nothing wrong with this type of expository preaching and may, in fact, be laudatory, if traditional. On the other hand, there appears to be a little-known, but, emergent, need at present to tackle socially-relevant issues and to consider their import in the light of significant and applicable biblical events. In other words, interpreting current events through the biblical perspective.

Why the Bible?

What is the Bible? An obvious answer would be that it is the sacred book of the Christian religion. Yet it is more than that. The Bible is not one book, but a collection of books. There is found among these books great variety of form and content – prose narrative, legal codes, proverbs and moral maxims, personal correspondence, poetry, prophetical and liturgical literature. This list suggests, but does not exhaust, the range of variety. This very special book very well contains the ‘hidden truths’ of God, and as we connect its stories and characters to our modern times and situations, we are struck by their relevance and contemporary message. It is as if God Himself directly speaks to us in our minds as well as in our actions. The Bible conveys its rare - indeed its unique - character as a body of religious literature.

What we Hope to Accomplish

Our work then in Biblical Perspectives, is to propound, and, expound, the so-called “burning” and often, contentious, social issues of the day utilizing a biblical worldview. In so doing, we shall have hopefully contributed - even in small measure – to the strengthening of the moral fabric of our people and to the building of a strong, God-fearing nation imbued with strong spiritual values. In today’s changing (and sometimes, confusing) social mores and ethics, the call of the times urges Christians to be more steadfast in their faith, lest they be swept away by the tides of unbelief foisted by others. The Bible is one such bedrock of Christian faith.

About Nene Rubrico

Ildefonso “Nene” J. Rubrico” is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Biblical Studies via distance-education from
Masters Divinity School, Evansville, Indiana, USA. He has also earned some M. Div. units at the Asian Theological Seminary, Quezon City. Nene has served as elder of many evangelical churches since the 1980s, in Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and Metro Manila. He has consistently taught Adult Sunday School for about the same period, and has sang in the church choirs as a bass for the last 15 years.

A product of Ateneo schooling, and having earned his engineering degree in 1969 and his MBA in ’82, Nene pursued a 30-year career in engineering maintenance, design, and construction. His last remaining years in the engineering industry were spent as a business development consultant for a number of companies. Currently he is Operations Director of Languagelinks Foundation, Inc., a language-resource firm he jointly owns with his wife. The firm also provides support for bible-school scholars.

Nene Rubrico , 56 years old, lives in Metro Manila, with his wife, Jessie Grace U. Rubrico , PhD. They have three grown children – Joe, a licensed EE, college professor and now pursuing his doctoral studies abroad; Jennee Grace, a senior reporter for a business publication; and Jonathan Mark, a licensed ECE working as a network manager.
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